Hack: How to Save Thousands on Stretch Film and Ensure Successful Shipments Every Time

How would you like to speed up production while consistently delivering safe, sturdy and appealing pallet loads?

​What if I told you that optimizing the Containment Force of your load is the secret to that uniformity you’ve been dreaming of? Better yet, what if I showed you how to leverage this tactic while also reducing the amount of materials wasted?

Intrigued? ​ Keep reading.

What the heck is a containment force?

A Containment Force is the level of pull (tightness) at any given point on the load multiplied by the number of times the stretch film is wrapped around it.

Clear as mud?

Basically, it’s the hugging pressure that keeps your load from spazzing out during transportation, sending your customer into a mad rage and putting you into a frustrating, costly situation.

A true nightmare that can easily be avoided.

Needless to say, applying the appropriate Containment Force throughout your stretch wrapping application will prevent a few of those pesky grey hairs that keep haunting you like the New England Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl… I mean, really? Another one?

I’m not bitter, you are.

How to Continuously Deliver Reliable Shipments

It’s simple. You want the optimal amount of Containment Force while using the least amount of stretch film. When your operation first began, you probably hand wrapped your pallets until the desired stableness was achieved; or until Billy Bob Joe got tired... poor Billy.

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