Lantech C-1000

Lantech C-1000

The Lantech C-1000 Case Erector creates "good packages" by squaring up the case (90 degree corners) where the bottom flaps meet evenly without overlapping, and the sealing tape is applied evenly and has equal “legs” on the side of the box.

Cases that aren’t “square” are hard to pack, resist going through automatic sealers, don’t stack well (hard to align – stacking strength comes from corner alignment), and don’t look good. The Lantech C-1000 Case Erector makes square cases because:

  1. The pickup frame provides two-panel control of the case as it transitions from knock-down to open position.
  2. Unique slotted flap folders fold the major flaps while the case is stationary.
  3. The minor flaps are also folded while the case is stationary.
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How to buy:

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Non-Standard Case Dimension

The machine can be modified for a variety of case dimensions.


High Speed

Increases speed to a maximum of 30 cases per minute.



Various communication configurations possible.


Stainless Steel Frame or Components

Please contact Ambrose for details.


Exit Height Extension

The exit height of the cases can be extended in increments of 50mm up to a maximum of 850mm.​​


Tape Head Storage Bracket

Holds additional tape head.


3" Tape Head

Applies 3" wide tape. Replaces standard 2" tape head.


Extended Magazine

Increases the number of blanks the magazine holds.


Short Magazine

Decreases the number of blanks the magazine holds.


Custom Options

Many options available for case types and dimensions, speeds, closing methods, machine frame and magazine, and machine performance data communications are available. Please contact Ambrose if your requirements are not satisfied with the options published on this page.



Colored lights indicate the status of the machine, blanks supply, and tape or hot melt supply.


Acoustic Signal

An alarm sounds to indicate the presence of a fault condition.​​​​​​​