Lantech G Series

Lantech G Series

A high-quality machine for the low volume user! The Lantech G Series pallet wrapper is the perfect choice for those who wrap only a few pallets a day. Your reputation rests on what you deliver to your customers. Make sure your pallet loads are safe to ship. The Patent Pending G Force Film Deliver System combined with easy to understand and use controls gives you professional results on every load.


It's our goal that you're completely satisfied with the purchase of your equipment. Therefore, we will work together to determine the optimal options, supplies, installation methods, and training that best serves your application, budget and quality standards. 


How to buy:

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Peak Production Speed Application-Specific
Maximum Load Size Diagonal 72" (182.88 cm)
Maximum Load Wrap Height 90" (228.6 cm)
Maximum Load Weight 3500 lbs (1588 kg)


Load Handling

Turntable Speed (Variable) 10 RPM Max
Turntable Size 65" (165.1 cm) Diameter

Performance Features

Wrap Cycle Pause


Branding Mode Standard
UL Listed Industrial Enclosure Standard
Pallet Grip® Option
G Force Plus Film Delivery System Option
Intelli-Sensor -
Standard Film Width 20" (50.8 cm)
Wrapping Force Variable
Film Capacity 10" (25.4 cm) Roll Diameter
Film Delivery System Roller Brake
Film Overwrap Photoelectric Sensor



Machine Shipping Weight

Approx. Shipping Weight 1100 lbs (498 kg)

Service Requirements

Dedicated Electric Service Required

120 VAC, 20 AMP

(or 220 VAC, 15 AMP option)