Pearson BF25

Fully automatic and ruggedly built to withstand the rigors of high volume operations, the Pearson BF25 family of Bliss Formers produces high stacking strength, corrugated shipping and display containers with an H-Divider securely glued to a Bliss Body Wrap. Optional high-capacity Automatic Stack Transfer Systems, and a high-capacity Adhesive Feeder are available for high-speed operations.

  • Beacons (LED)
  • Remote Access Router
  • Stack Transfer Systems
  • Tooling Storage
  • Plant Level Ethernet Connection
  • Oversized and Undersized Cases
  • Auxiliary Operations Stations
  • H-Divider Floor Loader
  • Servo Upgrade
  • Separate Glue Disconnect
  • Controls Integration
  • Magazine Extensions
  • Powered Scoring Wheels
  • Grace Port

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