Pearson BF30

The Pearson BF30 Bliss Formers form a wide variety of shipper and display ready 3 piece bliss box designs at up to 30 cases per minute. Using field proven technologies in controls, pneumatics, vacuum systems and motion. End Panel and Body Wrap Vacuum Feed Systems are used to reduce down time and material waste. For high-speed operations an optional high-capacity Automatic Stack Transfer System is available.

  • Beacons (LED)
  • Remote Access Router
  • Glue Tank Autofill
  • Powered Scoring Wheels
  • Grace Port
  • Oversized and Undersized Cases
  • Auxiliary Operator Stations
  • Stack Transfer Systems
  • Tooling Storage
  • Plant Level Ethernet Connection
  • Controls Integration
  • Magazine Extensions
  • Extended End Panel Magazine
  • Servo Upgrade
  • Separate Glue Disconnect

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