Texwrap 2410ISS Intermittent Motion Side Sealer

Texwrap 2410ISS Intermittent Motion Side Sealer

The 2410ISS Intermittent Motion Side Sealer is Texwrap's intermittent motion side seal shrink wrapper is designed to run large products at a moderate speed suitable for e-commerce fulfillment applications. The 2410ISS has a capacity of 24" wide and 10" tall and is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes and configurations.


The 2410ISS is equipped with the exclusive Texwrap Versa Seal (TVS) to insure consistent, high-quality seals across a wide range of film types. The TVS tightly clamps the film between parallel belts while a heating element seals and separates the film between them. The slightly diverging belts continue to clamp the film securely allowing the film seal to cure and, at the same time, assuring reliable scrap/trim separation. The belts on the TVS design also control film tension allowing consistent seals to be made using the absolute minimum film width possible saving money on every package.


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  • Exclusive Texwrap Versa Seal (TVS)
  • 36” hot knife cross seal with precision temperature control
  • 24” wide infeed & exit conveyor
  • 11” cross seal jaw opening
  • Calibrated adjustments for product set-up
  • Self-contained scrap wind-up
  • Horizontal and vertical photo-eye controlled cross seal to provide automatic adjustment for bag length
  • Pin perforator/brush air evacuation system
  • Variable speed control with a belt speed of 100 feet per minute
  • Independent exit conveyor speed control
  • Automatic auto space tuning feature adjusts the machine to match upstream production
  • Auto spacing for control of randomly spaced or choke fed products
  • Allen Bradley PLC control
  • Product set-up helper
  • Adjustable film inverting head with controlled air bearing surfaces
  • Auto space multipack ability