3 Unique Needs & Nuances of the Packaging Industry

The public doesn’t often think about the lifecycle of the goods they receive every single day as a result of the packaging industry. While they simply purchase the products that they need or want and move on to their next task, we in the industry know what it takes to successfully keep supply chains going, the act of productively packaging products steadily moving forward, and keeping the supply/demand of packaging materials as balanced as possible. However, there are several specific considerations that the American packaging market must take into account as the global packaging market size only continues to grow. Take a deeper look at smart packaging principles with us as we evaluate three unique needs and nuances of the packaging industry as a whole.

1. Sustainability is a Priority

Packaging companies are under the microscope of consumer awareness to get it right when it comes to their sustainability efforts. This is because consumer demand continues to trend towards a need for more sustainable packaging measures to be taken from the companies they buy from. A new study found that 78% of US consumers – the vast market share – stated that living a sustainable lifestyle is important to them, indicating that single-use plastic packaging should be substituted for materials suited for reuse like paperboard, polyethylene, and other recyclable materials.

It is critically important for all packaging companies to not only understand these needs and implement the right improvements, but also to advertise the fact that they are doing so as it is fair to say that sustainability marketing is a major packaging trend to be leveraged. Companies must put in the effort to show consumers that they are serious about environmentally friendly packaging and incorporating paper-based and/or biodegradable raw materials where they are able.

2. Flexibility in Packaging

Another concern for all packaging companies is their ability to create flexible packaging materials that meet the needs and expectations of their customers. Flexible packaging means that companies can package materials in a wider variety of movable options and formats (cartons, pouches, etc.), opening a range of possibilities for how they ship out their materials and handle e-commerce business. When this is done properly, it is possible to get items sent out wherever they need to go in a seamless, cost-effective fashion. 

In the past, most packaging companies leveraged rigid packaging that allowed their products to be unable to bend, offering a stronger option for the goods they contained. However, the entire industry is now rethinking this approach as it looks onward toward a more dynamic post-pandemic future. Rigid packaging is inflexible by definition, and the negative environmental impact that it offers is damaging as the increasing demand for sustainable, flexible packaging continues. Therefore, a wider variety of packaging options is now on the table that can make palletizing more efficient and allow for consumers to appreciate the hard work that companies have put into creating business practices that are more eco-friendly – all while keeping the same end-use of their products in mind. 

3. Product Safety and Freshness

One evergreen need of the packaging industry is the vital role that product freshness and safety plays when it comes to food packaging and other consumer goods. Companies who handle and package food, beverages, and other related products understand this the best. From old to new products, shelf life and overall end-user experience must be factored in every step of the way. And, of course, ensuring the packaging they implement keeps their consumable food products safe, fresh, and tasty is paramount.

Phase1 Prototypes points out that poor packaging design in the food industry can cause a full-scale recall of certain products in the worst case scenarios. By selecting the right kind of packaging solutions – from corrugated closures to food safe adhesive and more – companies can ensure successful revenue and positive product experiences from beginning to end.

Finding the Right Packaging Partnership

The packaging sector is a unique industry built on a variety of unique initiatives, needs, and considerations. Nobody understands this more than our team at Ambrose. As we continue to service and work with customers and packaging manufacturers around North America and beyond, our goal remains the same: to increase growth rates, packaging line functionality, and supply chain optimization for our partners every single day. To learn more about how we can help you and your packaging company with your biggest challenges, reach out to us now to get a conversation started today.

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