robot arm moving boxes in a manufacturing setting
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Expert Engineering makes the difference

Our Ambrose engineering team starts by learning each customer’s individual needs before providing line designs or equipment solutions. Ambrose will transform your operation by implementing lean principles, modern equipment, and precision engineering to mitigate risk and deliver a high-performing system.

Equipment Sourcing

Our industrial packaging experts research the best packaging equipment options on the market, looking at things you care about such as speed, reliability, and value. Along the way, we maintain strong relationships with equipment manufacturers so they are in tune with the evolving technology and production needs of our clients.

3D Modeling

Moving, updating, or integrating packaging equipment is no small feat. Our next-level engineering services at Ambrose allow us to use the latest technology, including 3D modeling, to:

  • Explore design options more quickly and cost effectively
  • Identify and address potential design challenges earlier in the engineering process
  • Give you confidence that implementation will be a success


We live life in 3D, so it only makes sense to have the 3D option when planning your major equipment purchases.

Facility Design and Layout

Our packaging engineering consultants use computer-aided design (CAD) software and other essential tools to develop fully integrated packaging line designs and detailed layouts that:

  • Make the best use of your industrial space
  • Maintain quality and safety standards
  • Reduce downtime
  • Incorporate your specific specifications


We enjoy fitting the pieces of the puzzle together to give you maximum efficiency and performance. Our approach leads to seamless integration to keep the production line moving and keep your customers happy.

robot arm moving boxes in a manufacturing setting

Fuller Industries Case Study

Learn how AMBROSE helped leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning products and supplies improve efficiency and profitability by integrating complete packaging solutions and engineering new equipment to seamlessly integrate into existing facility space.