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handling equipment and systems to reap financial and operational benefits.

Conveyor & Sortation

As your production volumes increase and product offerings change, the logistics of moving product from one area of your facility to the next should be the least of your worries. 

At Ambrose, we focus on streamlining material handling concerns by incorporating varying movement methods through modular conveyor systems, spiral conveyance, elevators, sorters, diverters, or pallet handling solutions. We provide flexibility to manage various types of material and different-sized items moving up, down, and all around.

Conveyor belt system for sorting

Modular Building Systems

With modular buildings, your options are vast. In addition to design flexibility, you’ll enjoy faster construction timelines, less interference with existing operations, quality fit and finish, great value and functionality, and significant tax benefits (Section 179 Tax Deduction) as these modular systems are classified as equipment.

Clean rooms, quality control spaces, elevated supervisor offices, in-plant conference rooms, guard booths, and exterior shelters are just a handful of ways modular systems can deliver for you with durable, safe, and space-efficient solutions.

3d model of 2 story office

Storage Racking & Mezzanines

When products and supplies aren’t moving around your warehouse, they need a functional and accessible storage position until they are retrieved. This is made possible using storage methods like common pallet rack, push back rack, pallet flow racking, structural racking, or pick modules for warehousing. 

Optimize your facility by making use of our space-saving mezzanines and industrial rack solutions that make your operation more efficient and convenient through modern storage equipment. Existing vertical space can expand both your storage and work areas without adding to the building footprint, and without getting in the way of forklifts, ramps, pallet trucks, your loading dock, or hand trucks/dollies. Prevent narrow aisles by creating storage systems and shelving that build upward. Retrieve bulk material with stackers as needed.

3d model of stairs up to a steel platform

Ergonomic Lifting Devices

We design ergonomic workstations that not only meet health and safety standards but also improve efficiency. Our commitment to safety extends to preserving the well-being of your employees by creating environments that reduce fatigue and risk. 

Protect your employees’ health, reduce material damage, and increase productivity. With mobile and vacuum lifters, manipulator arms, and specialized lift devices, you can reduce heavy lifting (and bending) for your operators.

employee using an ergonomic lifting device

Overhead Lifting

When your needs include lifting ten pounds, or as much as several hundred tons, we have a broad selection of robust crane and hoist solutions to tackle the job.

overhead hook for lifting

Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity

Maximize your space

Breathe easy knowing our mezzanine and industrial rack offerings will organize and expand your existing space so you have more room to operate warehouse equipment.

Work smarter, not harder

Lifting devices and retrieval systems come in an array of options to handle many functions. The right piece of equipment can make a huge difference in employee safety and productivity.

One size doesn’t fit all

Thanks to our wide range of platform-based products, we can offer remarkable flexibility for heavy duty  conveying products and materials throughout your facility. With energy efficient technology and their ability to start and stop automatically enables your warehouse to run efficiently and smoothly.

Streamline from start to finish

Let Ambrose plan for your company’s present, and future supply chain needs by developing material handling solutions that can handle logistics for growing businesses.