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Ambrose: Your partner in success.

Safety is a full-time job. When you partner with Ambrose, you gain access to a team of experts who not only understand safety standards — they prioritize them.

We believe that it’s our dedication to client success that keeps bringing our partners back time and time again. Experience the Ambrose difference today.

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100% committed to the highest safety standards.

Our engineering team is fully trained and certified in industry-leading standards, including the Machine Safety Risk Assessment. In fact, we work to set the standards ourselves and have co-developed a Safety Machine RFQ that identifies ANSI and other applicable standards and OSHA guidelines for the industry.

We fully understand and implement the processes necessary to protect your company and your employees. From budgeting to detailed reports, we help your team meet — or exceed — applicable safety codes and standards.

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Equipment and solutions that reduce your employees’ exposure to hazards

Protecting people is a top priority for Ambrose — it’s also your responsibility. We work alongside your team to install safe equipment, provide ongoing maintenance of safety features and create a documented ongoing safety training program for all employees that interact with the equipment.

Whether you need category-rated circuitry and vision equipment, or guarding and labeling solutions, we can help your team find the right safety solutions at the right price.

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All sales and service employees are trained with your safety protocols.

All Ambrose sales, engineering, and service employees are trained with your safety protocols. Mitigate business and customer risk with Ambrose. We help protect your employees and your bottom line through structured formal training and documentation, designed specifically with your safety protocols in mind.

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Hands-on support

Your project manager and certified technicians ensure safety and support throughout the entire project.

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In-depth testing

Following start-up, we test and perform product procedures until you are completely satisfied.

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Tailored approach

We meet with all your safety managers and stakeholders to design a truly customized safety approach.

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Expert customization

Our experts can modify machines to meet all applicable ANSI standards and OSHA guidelines.

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Robust documentation

We document it all — including LOTO and safe operating procedures, structured safety training and more.

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Third-party expertise

Our team utilizes third-party expertise, like SICK, to triple-check that safety protocols meet the highest standards.