Make the most of your workspace

The configuration of your space for your material, people, and processes is critical to your success. Ambrose is your trusted partner to bring it all together.

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Modular Clean Rooms

Do you need to control air quality or humidity in a packaging space? Or require an ISO-rated clean room for a controlled bioscience environment? Our modular clean rooms can help.

We work alongside your team to engineer a superior system designed and built to handle your very specific needs. Proper ventilation and air handling management, stringent sanitary requirements, or anti-static needs—Ambrose has you covered with cost-effective solutions and superior quality modular products.

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Modular Building Systems

With modular buildings, your options are vast. In addition to design flexibility, you’ll enjoy faster construction timelines, less interference with existing operations, substantial tax benefits, and great overall value with a structurally sound design with aesthetics in mind. 

Quality control spaces, elevated supervisor offices, and in-plant conference rooms are just a few of the ways modular spaces can deliver for you with durable, safe, and space-efficient solutions.

Picture of a modular environment

Maximize your vertical space.

Transform your facility’s workstations for office staff, extend production and operation overflow, or even replenish materials storage by utilizing a mix of modular systems and structural mezzanines.

Keep costs down

Modular buildings within your existing facility can maximize efficiency and provide real value for your budget. From modular design to installation services, we work hard to increase your space’s functionality within your budget. 

Save Big on Taxes

Purchases of equipment and modular buildings can provide real bottom-line benefits, thanks to Section 179 of the federal tax code. Rather than deducting expenses over a number of years, companies can now often deduct 100% of purchases in the first year.

Find turnkey solutions

We can help you address workspace shortages while outfitting your facility with turnkey solutions to meet all your needs from mechanical HVAC, filtration units, ionization systems whole room particle monitoring, and even lab fixtures.

Solve your unique needs

From cleanroom systems to in-plant office spaces and wall partitions, we can help reimagine your space and keep you growing. Our reconfiguration services take your specifications and different needs into consideration as we create custom designs for your space.