The Kinpactor utilizes kinetic energy to accomplish dust collection through the principle of impaction. The contaminated gas stream is accelerated through a venturi shaped throat section reaching velocities between 9,000 and 24,000 feet per minute (100 to 280 miles per hour). Water introduced ahead of the throat is atomized by the high velocity gas stream, and dust particles collide with and are captured in the millions of small droplets.


In the long diverging section behind the Kinpactor throat, static pressure is regained as the velocity of the gas stream is reduced. Sub-micron size particulate and water droplets coalesce during this interval, providing additional collection.


The water-laden gas stream enters the separator tangentially where droplets are removed by centrifugal force and impingement. Clean, droplet-free air passes through the separator outlet and slurry is continuously drained from the water eliminator section.


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  • Unique water injection system
  • Venturi shape



  • Easily replaceable reflector plates are provided ahead of the throat section
  • Manual reamers can be provided for insurance against jet plugging due to solids in recirculated water
  • Other than the reamers, there are no moving parts in the standard Kinpactor
  • Fabrication options include mild steel, stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced polyester