Colamark A923 Front & Back with Orientated Round Bottle Labeling System

Colamark A923 Front & Back with Orientated Round Bottle Labeling System

Suitable for three kinds of bottle shape (round, square, flat etc.), makes two labels and orientation labeling requirement possible. Speed up to 140 bottles per minute for orientation labeling; two labels and common round bottle labeling speed up to 200 bottles per minute.


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  • A dual-function labeler for wide range of applications: Simple adjustment to swap between side labeling mode and orientation wrap-around labeling mode.
  • One labeler to handle three different shapes of bottles (rectangular, oval, round) with large size ranges, and also achieves orientation in wrap-around labeling.
  • Servo motor driven registered wrap-around mechanism which is in the form of a roller wheel to effectively ensure accurate registration.
  • Design features to ensure precise and smooth labeling on oval or rectangular bottles.
    • An alignment device composed of a pair of side chains to ensure symmetrical alignment of bottles along the center line.
    • A top conveyor belt at synchronized speed with the main conveyor to hold the bottles in place to maintain bottle alignment and stability throughout the labeling process
  • Optional special label sensor for detection of film transparent labels. 50 sets of labeling parameters memory allows easy changeover between different labeling jobs by switching the pre-defined parameters set.
  • Intelligent label quantity management, warning messages and optional visual inspection devices.

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