Hamer-Fischbein SB 1000 Band Sealer

The Saxon SB 1000 Band Sealer, is a continuous band sealer capable of closing a variety of plastic bags and pouches. With its durable design and stainless steel finish, the SB 1000 is compatible with the hygienic requirements of the food, medical, and chemical sectors.  The high-efficiency band-sealing module and enhanced cooling capabilities produce reliable, esthetic seals on bags or pouches made from polyethylene, polylaminates, co-extrusions, and shrink films.


How to buy:

  • Speak to a Representative - Call (913) 780-5666 or email AmbroseCRT@ambroseco.com
  • Fill out a quote request online
  • Bag-top trimmer
  • Airwash bag-top cleaner
  • Ink and embossing coders
  • Wash-down version
  • Conveyor-integrated unit
  • Additional PID tempearture controllers

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