Lantech Lan-Ringer

Lantech Lan-Ringer

Custom built for heavy loads that require high wrap force. ​

Effectively Wraps Load for Millions of Wrap Cycles!

  • Over 30 years of application knowledge.
  • Service and Engineering working together.
  • 5" thick, 1,800 lb., forged steel, precision main bearing.
  • Exclusive dual support roll carriage.
  • Lenze 5HP Drive System "All-in-One Unit" (motor, brake, reducer)
  • Allen Bradley touchscreen Panel View 600 Plus.
  • Robust Power-thru® Conveyor System.
  • Lan-LogixTM state of the art control system. 


It's our goal that you're completely satisfied with the purchase of your equipment. Therefore, we will work together to determine the optimal options, supplies, installation methods, and training that best serves your application, budget and quality standards. 


How to buy:

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Handles Extreme Operating Conditions

5” thick, 1,800 pound, forged steel, precision main bearing. Effectively wraps loads for millions of wrap cycles.


Refined Engineering

Uses a mechanical film delivery system to avoid powering a motor on a rotating film system. Accurate film pre-stretch and consistent wrap force.


Applies Even Containment Force to the Load

Mechanically driven clutch and tensioner. Eliminates film billowing and ensures uniform film application.


Film Delivery System Supported at Both Ends

Steel "cage" or drum. Eliminates the maintenance issues characteristic of cantilevered film delivery systems.


Robust Support Arm for Ring Bearing & Drum

Heavy duty steel frame. Long equipment life.


Conveyor Wrapped to Bottom of the Load

Power-Thru® Conveyor. Wrap force is consistent on all sides of the load.


Access Information Directly from the HMI

Lan-Logix Control System. Machine operator can achieve consistent results with minimum effort.