Lantech Q Automatic

Lantech Q Automatic

The Lantech Q-Automatic Stretch Wrapper is a fully automatic conveyorized turntable wrapper, providing solutions to help customers increase their productivity and efficiency. The Lantech Q-Automatic Stretch Wrapper offers an operator friendly design, efficient load handling and the capability of 45 to 60 loads per hour.


It's our goal that you're completely satisfied with the purchase of your equipment. Therefore, we will work together to determine the optimal options, supplies, installation methods, and training that best serves your application, budget and quality standards. 


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Increase the Wrap Height of Your Loads

Replace the 203 cm (80") mast with a 279 cm (100") or a 376 cm (140") mast.


High-Speed Package

Increase the speed of the turntable to 25 RPM.


6,000 LB Capacity Turntable

Increase the weight capacity of the turntable to 2721 kg (6000 lbs).


Load Seeking Clamp

Eliminates the beginning film tail. Replaces the jam clamp with a vacuum clamp that pivots out to the load.


Cold Package

Cold Package option allows efficient operation of the stretch wrapper in an environment where the temperature range is +31 to +10 degrees Fahrenheit.


Freezer Package

Operate in temperatures of -29 C (-20 F).


Modular Electric Top Platen

Stabilizes tall, lightweight or unstable loads during the wrap cycle.


Corrosive Duty Package

Operate in a corrosive environment. It is for machines with exposure to agents such as salt and fertilizer.


Pallet Grip®

Makes a "cable" of film that locks the load to the pallet. The film cable decreases the risk of damage during shipment.


Turntable Washdown

Use water at "city pressure" to clean the turntable. Make sure that the water can drain from the area.


Power Roller Stretch Plus - Film Delivery System (FDS)

Senses and adjusts the wrap force to the changes in the tension in the film. It is for a turntable speed more than 12 RPM, for very light or fragile loads, or for exact control of the wrap force.