Loveshaw LD-16AE

Loveshaw LD-16AE

Egg producers require flexibility. Customers are continually changing box sizes for product differential. Egg graders have increased the number of cartons per minute they produce, driving the demand for more throughput from the case sealer. The LD-16AE Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer gives you the flexibility you need.

With the LD-16AE, eye sensors identify cartons with the flaps in the up position, and the head automatically adjusts to each box height for precision sealing at a rate of up to 17 cases per minute. Each machine is constructed to match your specific box range with the ability to program new sizes using the handheld controller. Loveshaw has provided this type of machine specifically for the egg industry for over 20 years, and it is the ideal solution to randomly seal a limited number of cases without the expense of a fully automatic machine.

**Available with bottom belt drive or side belt drive

  • Self-centering and self-tensioning drive belts
  • Handheld Controller to program new box sizes and save/back-up existing ones
  • Dual mast construction
  • Removable & interchangeable tape cartridges
  • High quality steel structure has a powder coat finish
  • Interlocking safety gates
  • Indexing gate
  • Top squeezer
  • Multi-height top head assembly
  • 22-1/4" conveyor height adjusts up to 28-1/4"
  • Full guard flap "kicker" device
  • Stepper driven, ball screw linear actuator
  • High precision laser photo-eyes to detect case height & length

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