Loveshaw LD-16AR

The Little David® LD-16AR is a fully-automatic case sealer that's ready to process a random assortment of case sizes at speeds up to 20 cases per minute (depending on incoming height variance). The LD-16AR automatically makes adjustments to match the height and width of each case fed into it by a powered conveyor. Two-stage operation accurately measures the case size and pre-adjusts the top tape head. Cases are sealed on the top and bottom with 2" or 3" tape using the latest CaseLocker 60 tape cartridges.

​**Available with side belt or bottom belt drive

  • Fully automatic random top and bottom case sealer
  • Process 15 cases per minute. Up to 20 cases per minute can be reached depending on incoming height variance (maximum 3")
  • Self-centering drive belts
  • Dual mast construction
  • Removable 2" or 3" PST tape cartridges
  • High quality steel structure with powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty bottom belt drive with horizontally mounted 1/2 HP motor
  • Left to right case flow
  • Interlocking safety gates
  • Indexing gate
  • 150 FPM belt speed
  • 22-1/4" conveyor height adjustable up to 28-1/4"
  • Fully guarded flap "kicker" device
  • Servo driven, ball screw linear actuator
  • High precision ultrasonic sensing and linear transducer to detect case height & width
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 800 PLC
  • Powered roller infeed section to pre-sense case width & height (case-sizer)
  • 1.9" diameter rollers on 2-1/2" centers
  • Safety flags at infeed sides of powered infeed section

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