Model 1200 BH

Model 1200 BH

The Hamer-Fischbein Model 1200 BH open mouth bagging machine automatically picks, places and fills a wide variety of pre-made bags. Suitable for Paper, Poly Woven and Poly bags, it indexes and presents an individual controlled bag for opening and fill spout placement with a focus on electric servo and VFD actuation rather than expensive and inconsistent air operation. This process is a significant improvement over traditional bag hangers that pick a bag off a stack of bags. The 1200 BH single bag indexing ensures only one bag is presented and reduces the possibility of bags being stuck together by static or glue.


It's our goal that you're completely satisfied with the purchase of your equipment. Therefore, we will work together to determine the optimal options, supplies, installation methods, and training that best serves your application, budget and quality standards. 


How to buy:

  • Speak to a Representative - Call (913) 780-5666 or email
  • Fill out a quote request online
  • Up to 20 bag per minute speed
  • Heavy duty industrial construction, powder coated
  • SEW Eurodrive long duty cycle motors
  • Paper, poly-woven laminate, poly woven and poly open mouth bags
  • Variety of configurations for in-feed bag magazine and upright filled bag conveyors
  • Touchscreen operator control station
  • Corrosive environment packages
  • Wide variety of options
    • FastChange™ Bag Spout Option is a dual bag spout sliding interface that allows for quick spout change-over

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