Model 400 NS™

Model 400 NS™

The Fischbein Model 400 NS™ sets the industry standard for quality and cost-effective bag sewing. Operating at adjustable speeds up to 55 linear feet per minute, the Model 400 NS™ features an air thread pusher which directs the thread into the system’s cutting knife. A safe automated infeed system automatically guides the top of the bag through the entire bag sewing process.


It's our goal that you're completely satisfied with the purchase of your equipment. Therefore, we will work together to determine the optimal options, supplies, installation methods, and training that best serves your application, budget and quality standards. 


How to buy:

  • Speak to a Representative - Call (913) 780-5666 or email
  • Fill out a quote request online
  • Closes a variety of pillow style or gusseted bags, including multi-wall paper, laminated and non-laminated woven polypropylene, and jute.
  • Fast. Safe. Automated. The leading edge of the bag is fed into the infeed, which automatically guides the bag’s top through the entire bag sewing process.
  • With its self-lubricating system, the Empress 100 delivers trouble-free, smooth performance with low vibration. Operating speed is adjustable from  35 to 55 linear feet per minute.
  • Without operator assistance, the air thread-pusher automatically directs the thread into the system’s cutting knife.
  • Fischbein’s exclusive sewing-head swing feature makes threading the 400 NS™ a snap, and provides full access for cleaning and easy head removal.

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