Model DRC 500™

Model DRC 500™

The Fischbein Model DRC 500™ Double Roll Closer seals multi-wall, flush-cut paper bags weighing up to 50 pounds at production rates up to 110 linear feet per minute. The Model DRC 500™  automatically trims the top of the bag, makes a single precise fold, applies hot melt adhesive, and then makes a final second fold. The patented breakaway design eliminates costly downtime caused by bag jams while allowing easy cleaning and access to the bag folder.


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How to buy:

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  • Fill out a quote request online
  • Closes multi-wall paper bags.
  • Spiral glide folder technology creates bag closures that are consistent, reliable and attractive.
  • A patented breakaway design eliminates costly downtime caused by bag jams, while allowing easy cleaning and service of the bag folder.
  • Safe and easy to use control panel with digital temperature display, key pad for variable speed control, and dual emergency stop buttons.
  • Right to Left operation
  • Dynatech Holt Melt Adhesive Applicator
  • Dual knife bag top trimmer

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