Model HAS 300

Model HAS 300

The Fischbein Model HAS 300 Hot Air Sealer is a high-production sealing system that efficiently closes a wide range of heat sealable pillow-type and gusseted bags at up to 60 linear feet per minute. Easily adjustable controls for the heaters, air flow, and carry through belts ensure consistent, sift proof sealing for a variety of bag sizes and thicknesses. There are NO BANDS required to seal gusseted bags, eliminating related maintenance cost and downtime.


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How to buy:

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  • Fill out a quote request online
  • Seals pillow and gusseted style polyethylene bags without the use of bands.
  • Dual VFDs provide synchronous compression wheel and carry through belt speed control resulting in strong, sift-proof closures.
  • No bands required to seal gusseted bags, eliminating maintenance cost and downtime.
  • Safe and easy to use control panel with digital temperature display, keypad for variable speed control, and dual emergency stop buttons.

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